15 Apr 2010

American Samoa police question woman over alleged music video piracy

4:10 pm on 15 April 2010

Police in American Samoa have taken a woman in for questioning for allegedly pirating a new music video released by Samoan recording artist, Felise Mikaele.

The territory has no law making such piracy an offence and Mikaele, who's in the territory to promote his new release, has referred his complaint to the FBI.

Mikaele says shortly after he began selling his new music video, a woman was selling copies of it in Pago Pago.

He says he is upset that somebody wants to make money off his effort in this way.

"I would be lying if I don't say 'furious' because really I was very angry about it because after all this effort put into a big job like making a music video, let alone the music."

Felise Mikaele.