14 Apr 2010

Solomons unions council calls MPs' pay increase greedy

8:34 pm on 14 April 2010

The council representing unions in Solomon Islands says a 11 percent pay rise for MPs is greedy and shows a disregard for the people.

The Council of Trade Union's comments come after the awarding of an increase in MPs salaries and benefits by the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission.

The Commission says the pay rise is justified because the wages of public service workers have increased.

But the council of Trade Union's national secretary, Tony Kagovai, says MPs earn much more than the average public service worker, and the increases are unbelievable.

"They fatten up themselves, all the politicians who take the increases fatten themselves, while the services, the medical services, the education services, the law and order services and all the other things are not well looked after."

Tony Kagavoi says the unions will meet this week to agree on a response to the increases.