14 Apr 2010

Vanuatu jail inmate and staff upset at unsanctioned assault

3:05 pm on 14 April 2010

Staff and prisoners in Vanuatu's correctional facility in Luganville are upset that no action has been taken over an alleged assault in the facility last year.

The detainees say a prison's advisor had escorted a foreign investor, who is a New Zealand national, into the center to assault a detainee last November.

The detainee was the prime suspect of a robbery that occurred at the house of the New Zealander.

Our correspondent, Hilaire Bule, reports.

"I spoke to the director of the correctional centre this morning and he told me that police have been investigating the matter but since they haven't heard anything from the investigation. They don't know what happened to the investigation, that's why detainees had a meeting last week because they say it's the indifference of the New Zealand advisor over the correctional affair in Luganville."

Hilaire Bule