14 Apr 2010

CNMI govt workers told work hours reduced

11:04 am on 14 April 2010

Hundreds of workers in the Northern Marianas Government have received notification their hours of work are being cut.

This is part of the Government's austerity programme, in which employees hours per fortnight will be cut from 80 to 70 hours.

Meanwhile the CNMI Senate President, Paul Manglona, is seeking to amend the Constitution to ensure the cuts also apply to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, lawmakers, and the judiciary.

He says it is unjust to ask the people to forego a portion of their salaries while politicians remain exempt.

Mr Manglona says leaders must lead by example.

The Governor, Benigno Fitial, has voluntarily cut his salary by 10 percent since the first round of austerity measures were implemented, and he's continuing to do so.

The administration is projecting a revenue fall of ten percent in the current year.