13 Apr 2010

Fiji graduates struggle to find work

3:08 pm on 13 April 2010

There are estimates that at least 35 percent of recent university graduates in Fiji can't find jobs.

1,200 students graduated from the University of the South Pacific last week, and the chamber of commerce predicts a bleak future for them.

The acting president, Swami Maharaj, says many graduates are unable to find jobs in this tough economic climate.

"500 should be able to be absorbed into the civil service and teaching positions, but 50 percent are open to the open market. Some get into graduate training in companies, but you still have about 35 percent who'll be running around for jobs."

Swami Maharaj says students should look for work placements when still at school, while graduates must be more pro-active and opt for a broader variety of jobs.

He says universities should encourage students to consider more options, while the government should offer incentives to create better opportunities.