8 Apr 2010

Cabinet decision could spark more violence in Tonga, says MP

1:46 pm on 8 April 2010

A pro-democracy MP in Tonga says Cabinet has rejected the proposals put forward by a commission set up to determine electoral boundaries and is opting instead to have 17 constituencies with an equal number of votes.

The government set up the Boundaries Commission after rejecting the reforms proposed by another government-appointed body, the Constitutional and Electoral Commission.

Akilisi Pohiva of the People's Committee for Political Reform says parliament will be debating Cabinet's proposal this afternoon but he expects it to go through.

He says if so, it'll edge the Kingdom towards further violence.

"That complete neglect of the boundary commission is the latest serious mistake they have made. And this is what we hope to raise in the House when we come back inthe afternoon and probably next week. We will try to pressure the government to honour and respect the recommendations made by the Boundary Commission and if they continue to remain stubborn something can happen, that's how I look at it."

Akilisi Pohiva, the Number One People's Representative on Tongatapu.