7 Apr 2010

Taiwanese Robin Hood takes on US for indigenous CNMIs

11:44 am on 7 April 2010

A Taiwan-based legal entity is taking the United States government to court over its treatment of the indigenous people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

The Saipan Tribune reports that the Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense Fund has filed a suit in the US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit against the US government over federalisation and treatment of Chamorros and Carolinians.

The Legal Defense Fund, led by Dr Paul Risenhoover, has also filed a draft with the International Court of Justice concerning violations of duties and responsibilities by both the US and Japan to protect the indigenous people under a Treaty of Peace between the two countries.

The National Chamorro Association of the Mariana Islands' president, Glenn Manglona, says what the lawsuit tries to accomplish is to invoke Chamorro and Carolinian rights as tribal people.