6 Apr 2010

CNMI politician warns of impending austerity measures

2:26 pm on 6 April 2010

A CNMI politician says the Fitial administration has warned of drastic measures if the legislature fails to pass the austerity bill by April the 23rd.

The House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Ramon Basa, says the measures include payless paydays and a reduction in the workforce.

The Pay Period Reduction Act of 2010, which the House of Representatives passed last March by an 11-8 vote, remains pending in the Senate.

This bill reduces by one hour every day the workload of government employees so that they are paid only 70 hours every payroll instead of 80 hours.

The Marianas Variety reports Ramon Basa as saying he hopes the senate will make a decision as quickly as possible.

He says Governor Benigno Fitial is ready to exercise his executive powers to further cut government expenses.