6 Apr 2010

US military to fund Guam port upgrade

1:06 pm on 6 April 2010

The United States military has reportedly agreed to spend 50 million US dollars for build-up-related upgrades at the Port Authority of Guam.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the port has identified 157 million dollars in improvement projects to meet the needs of the pending military build-up, and it had applied for about 100 million dollars in federal grants and loans to begin that work.

It says President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the island in June, and Guam's Delegate, Madeleine Bordallo, says it looks good for 127 million dollars in war claims for Guam approved this year.

The Port missed out on 50 million dollars in discretionary national recovery grants, but Ms Bordallo is confident the Department of Defence will meet the shortfall.

And she says the military also agreed with her request to become a so-called buildup czar and to take the lead on the buildup process from now on.