7 Apr 2010

American Samoa Community College notches up good marks

7:46 am on 7 April 2010

The American Samoa Community College has won praise for its progress towards getting off probation status.

The college is currently on probation status or on sanction by the accrediting commission pending the resolution of 11 recommendations, including strategic planning, which incorporates an educational master plan, a facilities plan and planning for future staff.

Dr. Mark Zacovic from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges says most institutions can't meet that many recommendations in one year.

"Your college is a very aggressive, caring institution. We were very pleased with the ones we were asked to focus on, and we see lots of progress in the other areas. It will be up to the Commission to decide do you want another visit in October, do we want just a report."

Mark Zacovic.

The team will submit a report which will be reviewed by the accreditation commission in June and a decision should be made on the college's probation status at that time.