31 Mar 2010

Vanuatu govt urged to go further on coroner's VMF recommendations

8:43 pm on 31 March 2010

Transparency International in Vanuatu says the Government has to go much further than its initial comments on a Coroner's Report which was strongly critical of the police paramilitary unit, the Vanuatu Mobile Force.

The report was written by New Zealand judge, Justice Nevin Dawson, who was investigating the death of man in police custody.

The government says the rule of law must prevail though urgent steps were needed at the time when police were coping with a mass prison escape.

Transparency Vanuatu's Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson says accepting change is necessary is a good first step step but they need to go much further.

"What is very regrettable is that there hasn't been yet a strong position by the government, saying that we will ensure that those accused of murder are prosecuted, that the people who actually threaten the judge will be prosecuted."

Marie Noelle ferrieux Patterson