30 Mar 2010

Samoa plans to curb non-work related web surfing by public servants

11:56 am on 30 March 2010

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Samoa says public servants will have restricted access to the internet during working hours to lower costs.

The ministry's chief executive Tuai'malo Asamu Ah Sam, says there will be no time limit on usage, but imposes limits as to what sites can be accessed at work.

"It has been reported that public servants are using access to the internet for things like Bebo, Facebook, and downloading movies and music which takes up a lot of bandwidth, and thus increases the costs of these services for internet access so this is the reason to try and monitor and control."

Tuai'malo Asamu Ah Sam says IT personnel will be looking to filter and block undesirable and non-work related websites and introduce programmes to try and monitor usage .