25 Mar 2010

Marshall Islands NGO says change in attitudes to women MPs

4:11 pm on 25 March 2010

A Marshall Islands NGO says attitudes to the concept of more women in parliament are changing.

Since constitutional government was established in the former American territory in 1979, there's never been more than one woman in the 33-seat parliament.

Daisy Alik Momotaro of Women United Together Marshall Islands says support for more women MPs at a recent parliamentary workshop on gender equality and violence against women is a strong indication of attitudinal change.

"It's really encouraging because you know in the past so many times we encountered men that they hide their support for us. For those who support us they don't want it to be in public. But like in this workshop it was the parliamentarian who really voiced their voice and say they believe that there should be more women in the parliament."

Daisy Alik Momotaro says recommendations to adopt special temporary measures to reserve some seats for women in parliament will be discussed at its next sitting in August.