26 Mar 2010

Fiji Methodist Church at odds with regime thrust

7:35 am on 26 March 2010

The Methodist Church in Fiji says it's facing an uncertain future after a meeting with the interim Government affirmed a ban on its annual conference will remain until 2014.

The meeting between 130 church ministers and members of the interim regime were held to discuss issues between the two sides.

The interim regime has curbed church meetings amid claims it is involved in politics.

The church's Deputy General Secretary, Tevita Bainivanua, says Frank Bainimarama's message to the Methodist Church was that the way forward is to work together.

But he says there are doubts how this will happen.

"I don't know how they think that we can work together if they still insist on restrictions. Because as a church we can only take our cue from a conference decision."

Tevita Bainivanua says conflicting ideas between church ministers have led to suggestions their leaders should step down.