24 Mar 2010

Solomon Islands paper makers to hold workshops in NZ

8:01 am on 24 March 2010

Four print and paper makers from Solomon Islands are to hold public workshops for the first time in New Zealand from later this week.

The two-week workshops will be held at the Pataka Museum in Porirua, north of Wellington from Thursday, and will give the artists the chance to demonstrate their skills.

A former New Zealand aid worker, Chris Delany, says the event stems from a project first supported by New Zealand in 1994 to give villagers in Solomon Islands the chance to generate revenue from print and paper making and create a sustainable income.

She says the workshops will give the artists a chance to observe the techniques and products of other indigenous artists.

"It's an opportunity for them to share their skills and their knowledge as well. Because they're going to be demonstrating and working with school groups and other artists and anybody who's interested to come and see and talk with them and learn from them. So it'll be sort of an opportunity for cross cultural dialogue and sharing of skills."

Chris Delany says she hopes the workshops will convince other people they can making a living from doing art.