11 Mar 2010

Marshalls fuel shortage set to ease

4:33 pm on 11 March 2010

A serious fuel shortage lasting several weeks in the Marshall Islands looks set to be resolved soon as a damaged ship has now been repaired.

About 10,000 people in Ebeye have been short of gasoline and kerosene.

The outer atoll of Jaluit has also run out of diesel needed to keep its power plant operating affecting a regional high school.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says one of several ships out of action has just completed it's repairs.

"Those two islands, Ebeye and Jaluit, are still short of fuel and have been for some time. If the ship does leave on Friday as scheduled now, then the problem should be over in the next three to five days as the vessel hits the two different islands."

Giff Johnson says the fuel problem has stranded vehicles and water taxis.