9 Mar 2010

CNMI compiles list of overstayers US could deport

2:28 pm on 9 March 2010

The authorities in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas have compiled a list of 300 foreigners whose names are expected to be given to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for possible deportation.

The Deputy Labor Secretary, Jacinta Kaipat, says the 300 some people were given the opportunity to clear their status but they didn't come forward.

She says many of the overstayers have been in the CNMI for years without legal status.

The US federal government took over the running of immigration last November which means permit issues for foreigners have become a federal competence.

The attorney general says the federal government assumed control over entry and exit into the CNMI, but did not replace the CNMI Department of Labor for its activities.