5 Mar 2010

American Samoa acts to control mynah birds

11:47 am on 5 March 2010

American Samoa is to launch a campaign to control mynah birds, which compete with native species for food and nesting places.

They are also regarded as a noisy pest in the territory.

The Chief Wildlife Biologist at the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, Lainie Berry, says they have a poison they can use and they are working with the Environmental Protection Agency to have it registered for use in the territory.

"Now we are trying to work out the best method, the best food, something cheap but that the mynahs will eat readily and also the best way to present the poisoned food to the mynahs in a way that they will take it but that we don't accidentally tell our other animals, dogs and chickens, to take the bait."

Lainie Berry says the department also wants the assistance of the public in isolating the mynah populations.