3 Mar 2010

Fiji dance group says one dancer refused NZ visa

2:35 pm on 3 March 2010

A Fiji dance group says one of its members has been denied a visa to perform at next week's Pasifika Festival in Auckland.

Nine members of the Vou Dance Group will perform at the event and give dance workshops.

But the group's leader, Sachiko Miller, says its star dancer, Samu Ledua Siga Cama has been denied a visa because his father is in the military.

She says another group member, Patricia Naisara, decided not to a apply for a visa as she had been denied one before because her father is also in the military.

Sachiko Miller says the group has mixed feelings about the situation

"We are really disappointed because as a group we are like a family, we spend so much time together practicing and rehearsing. We're really sad that two of us can't go, but on the other hand we are really grateful and excited that nine of us can go, that we can come to New Zealand and participate in an amazing festival."

Sachiko Miller says all Samu Ledua Siga Cama cares about is dancing and the refusal of a visa is unfair as he is an individual who has chosen not to be involved in politics.

The New Zealand government has yet to confirm that the visa has been denied.