2 Mar 2010

American Samoa bid to stop cell phone use for drivers

2:45 pm on 2 March 2010

The use of hand held cell phones while driving will be banned in American Samoa if a bill introduced by Representative Galu Satele Jr. is approved.

Mr Satele says the bill is in response to concerns raised by his Tuala-uta District constituents.

The only exception the bill makes for cell phone use while driving is if it is being used for emergency purposes.

Mr Satele says he expects an uphill battle to get the bill approved but says he owes it to his constituents to make the effort.

"Some of them are concerned about the heavy traffic in our district and especially with the roundabout. There is a lot of them who have said they have almost gotten into accidents basically because the person[the other driver] is using a cell phone. I researched this bill. The funny thing about it is that the cell phone is not really the biggest distraction of driving. The number one distraction of driving is eating."

Representative Galu Satele Jr.