1 Mar 2010

Low lying Tokelau relieved to be missed by tsunami waves

5:51 am on 1 March 2010

Tokelau's leadership is counting its blessings after not experiencing any surge or big wave following yesterday's regional tsunami alerts.

The faipule for the island of Nukunonu, Pio Tuia, says Tokelau was informed about the tsunami warning around midnight Friday local time, and had ample time to prepare the three atolls to take precautions.

He says as it turned out, Tokelau was safe.

"There was no sign at all up here in the three islands because we had communications with the other two atolls in Tokelau. There was never sign, or any appearance of any big waves in Tokelau, compared with Samoa. I think we are lucky, we are counted as the most lucky ones around."