25 Feb 2010

Clearing debris from lagoons after last year's tsunami is only halfway says official

11:31 am on 25 February 2010

A marine coordinator at Conservation International Pacific says officials are only halfway to clearing debris and rubbish from lagoons caused by last year's tsunami.

Sue Taei, who is based in Samoa, says she's seen first hand a lot of algae buildup in local marine areas since the September tsunami.

She says it's important that it is cleaned up quickly before it causes long term problems and damage to the environment but unfortunately there's already significant algae buildup in some areas

"Samoa right now unfortunately we have another problem, some tourist areas has a lot of rubbish and debris into the lagoon environment and can cause problem for coral reef recovery and aid algae growth."

Sue Taei says algae is also a big deterrent to tourism and locals living near waterways and coastal environments, as it is often smelly, unsightly and kills the coral.