23 Feb 2010

McCully expands on Fiji rapprochment

5:07 pm on 23 February 2010

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has revealed more about efforts to improve diplomatic relations with the Fiji interim regime.

In a statement to Parliament he says favourable consideration is being given to Fiji establishing an honorary consul in Auckland.

Mr McCully says at the same time New Zealand expects that a new name put forward to replace its Trade Commissioner forced out of Suva by the Fiji regime will be looked on favourably.

This comes after both governments accepted the appointment of first secretaries at their high commissions in Wellington and Suva.

Mr McCully says having improved the capacity to conduct the relationship, the aim is to try and resolve some of the significant and strongly held differences that exist between both governments.

He has also confirmed that efforts are being made to try and arrange a meeting between himself and Fiji interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama during next month's Hong Kong rugby sevens tournament.