23 Feb 2010

Fiji capital to get partial facelift

4:04 pm on 23 February 2010

There're plans to transform Fiji's capital Suva into a metropolitan hub, with cleaner facilities and tougher surveillance.

Plans include anti-litter laws and upgrades of public toilets and the city park.

Police and security officers are to assist cruise ship passengers around Suva and CCTV cameras are to be installed in the city to curb crime.

The initiative's deputy chair, Peter Mazey, says the measures will make Suva more pleasant and safe to live in and visit.

However, Mr Mazey, denies that police officers are to escort cruise ship passengers around the city, as was highlighted in local media reports.

"We have special guides that do that [escorting tourists]. But we have a lot more police on the streets and the police are working very much with everybody. Before they weren't so identifiable and now they are. There are various tourist police operations in the city, it's keeping an eye on all the tourists and everybody that's visiting Suva."

Mr Mazey says he believes the cameras will help prevent petty crimes.