22 Feb 2010

Students in the Northern Marianas help the push to have US President visit

3:29 pm on 22 February 2010

The co-ordinator of a postcard campaign is hoping to convince the United States' President Barack Obama to visit the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas later this year .

Originally moves had been underway to ask the President to visit next month while he is visiting Guam to see progress on the military buildup on March 19, on route to Australia and Indonesia.

But Betty Miller, who is the acting principal at San Vicente Elementary School, says they've realised now that the President's visit to Guam in March has already been set and he won't have time.

So they now hope that if public school students write ten thousand postcards to the White House, Obama may be more inclined to try and schedule a visit to the CNMI next time he's in the area.

"We really have to push hard to get anyone in the United States to even realise who were are or we exist. We are very grateful now to have a representative now in congress, Representative Gregorio Kilili Sablan, but we feel like this is the perfect president to come and see what we have to offer in CNMI and the fact that we are a United States Commonwealth and continue to foster our relationship with the United States."

San Vicente Elementary School, Betty Miller.