22 Feb 2010

Fiji forecaster says number of cyclones in short time unusual

11:44 am on 22 February 2010

The Fiji Meteorological Service's director says climate variability seems to be affecting the cyclone season but there are no resources to research why.

Typically there are nine cyclones each season, which begins in November, with five so far this season.

Rajendra Prasad says more cyclones are expected in an El Nino year such as this one but the occurrence of four in the first two weeks of February is unusual.

"We have peak, the cyclone activity peaks in January and then there's a bit of lull in February or a slight decrease in February and then picking up in March again so this February has been more what we would expect in January. What we really need is lot of observations and a lot of reconnaisance but our part of the world has virtually no research."