22 Feb 2010

Call for better medical services in Savaii in Samoa after death of mother and unborn child

6:01 am on 22 February 2010

A member of the Tautua Samoa political party says the government needs to secure the permanent placement of a doctor in Savaii after the death of a mother and her unborn child.

The mother was rushed to the main hospital on Savaii for delivery but there was no doctor to perform a caesarian operation to save the woman and unborn baby.

Arrangements were being made for a doctor to travel from the national hospital in Apia, but the woman died before anyone arrived.

Palusalue Faapo II of the Tautua Samoa party believes a good pay package needs to be arranged to attract doctors to work on Savaii.

But he says the lack of doctors at Savaii hospital is not the only problem.

"But also the pharmaceutical services in the pharmacy in Savaii hospital, they still haven't addressed those issues that even a simple panadol cannot is not available at the hospital pharmacy."

Palusalue Faapo II says the people of Savaii have been calling on the government for years to improve medical services on the island and still nothing has been done.