17 Feb 2010

Solomon Island's govt to replace full scholarships with partial

8:17 am on 17 February 2010

The Ministry of Education in Solomon Islands is to replace full scholarships with partial scholarships for some students as a way to ease pressure on the government's budget.

The cost-sharing arrangement will apply to students receiving in-country awards and is first being implemented at the Solomon Islands College of Education this year, and the University of the South Pacific campus later.

It will not affect international scholarship students.

The sharing arrangement is to be submitted to cabinet this week.

The permanent secretary for education, Mylyn Kuve, says the government has previously paid the full cost of scholarships, including food and board, for about 200 students.

"There's a big pressure of on the government budget and I think as students further their studies into tertiary the economic benefits become more personal, when they leave tertiary they will earn money and they will benefit. So they need to meet part of the cost to relieve the burden on the government budget."

Mylyn Kuve says students will have to come up with 25 percent of the total cost of their training.