17 Feb 2010

Tuvalu raises climate change issues in a three day festival

8:20 am on 17 February 2010

Tuvalu is for the first time hosting a festival raising awareness of its vulnerability to the effects of climate change, global warming and rising sea levels.

The event takes place on the first three days of March and will coincide with the end of the king tide period, a six-day time frame when the ocean's tides reach their peak.

A journalist from Tuvalu, Silafaga Lalua, says tourists and the media from across the globe have been invited to the event, which involves seminars and debates on climate change.

"The main aim of the festival is to raise awareness of the world regarding Tuvalu and the climate change impacts that it's facing. And especially that it's going to be submerged under sea water. So it is basically to let the world know what is happening to Tuvalu."

Silafaga Lalua says the festival will be an annual event.