15 Feb 2010

American Samoa officials to asssess cyclone damage on Manu'a tomorrow

2:53 pm on 15 February 2010

The American Samoa government is hoping to send an assesment team to the Manu'a Islands tomorrow following Cyclone Rene.

The cyclone passed over on Saturday night New Zealand time, uprooting trees and causing landslides, but caused little damage to property.

One man died when he fell from a building he was preparing for the storm.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago, Fili Sagapolutele there haven't been any major reports of damage from Manu'a.

"We were able to get through this morning to a resident of Manu'a who tells me via telephone that he could identify three homes in the village of Fitiuta that were damaged by the cyclone. The gentleman also noted that strong winds uprooted a lot of banana trees, breadfruit trees, and did a lot of damage to plantations."

Fili Sagapolutele says people are still taking precautions from high winds, with many windows still boarded up.