25 Jan 2010

Voter registration begins for 2010 Solomons election

7:34 am on 25 January 2010

Registration is expected to get underway in Solomon Islands today for people hoping to vote in this year's general election.

Chief Electoral Officer Polycap Haununu says he hopes people will make an effort to register their details correctly.

Over 700 registration officers have now been trained to conduct house to house registrations which will take place up until March 25.

Polycap Haununu says officials want to avoid corrupt and invalid voting during this election.

He says enrolling new voters who have turned 18 since the last election is just one part of the job.

"We are updating the list from 2005 for the upcoming elections. So there are many old people who have died but are still in the list. There are also some people who have been registered twice on the list."

Polycap Haununu says around US$760,000 has been earmarked for the registration process.

The Solomon Islands election is expected to take place some time mid-year.