22 Jan 2010

Fiji regime stops paying Rabuka's pension

5:46 pm on 22 January 2010

The Fiji interim regime has stopped the pension paid to a former Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka.

This comes just over two weeks after a decree was passed giving the interim prime minister the sole authority to end retirement benefits to retirees who criticised the regime or incited hatred.

Mr Rabuka, who led the 1987 coups, has confirmed that he had received a letter, explaining the decision to him.

The interim regime also seized the vehicle which was part of his retirement package.

The decree, which cannot be challenged under Fiji's so-called new legal order, does not apply to those who are eligible for a pension from the National Provident Fund.

It is not known how many retirees are being targetted for having held views that caused displeasure to the interim government.

The new policy, which is unprecdented in the region, has been condemned by civil society groups.