21 Jan 2010

Solomon Islanders expected to register for this year's polls

2:40 pm on 21 January 2010

There is hope that many Solomon Islanders will be keen to register to vote after the recent natural disasters.

Preparations are on track to begin registering voters from next week.

Electoral officials have been training more than 700 staff to go to people's homes and start enrolling voters.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham reports.

"The country has just had another earthquake and tsunami hit the western part of the country. We have a lot of displaced people from that government resources have to go into this areas for people but that hasn't moved as fast as people wanted. And there's still people who are recovering from the 2007 tsunami. So you're looking at people who have been displaced from their homes and who aren't being looked after so why would they be interested in voting, if they feel that they haven't been looked after by the government. And of course the financial crisis that has affected the government finances. There's a whole lot of issues."

Dorothy Wickham.

People have until March to register to vote in the election which is expected to take place mid-year.