21 Jan 2010

Doubts mount about Guam's same sex civil union bill

12:53 pm on 21 January 2010

The author of Guam's controversial Civil Union bill admits he may not have the support to pass the legislation but says it's important that it makes it to the floor of the legislature.

Public sentiment appears to be mounting against the bill, which would authorise same-sex civil unions in the territory.

On the eve of this week's session of Guam's legislature, in which the bill is scheduled to be debated, the island's Catholic Church has submitted a petition signed by almost 8,000 people who oppose Bill 185, fearing it will promote homosexuality.

The Bill's sponsor, Senator Benjamin Cruz, says he was suprised by the wave of opposition to the efforts to advance equal rights on Guam.

"I don't imagine that I have sufficient votes to pass it. But I at least want to get it on the floor and I want my colleagues to explain to the people what their position is and how they're going to vote."

Senator Benjamin Cruz