20 Jan 2010

Fiji Tourism launches new Australia campaign

11:02 am on 20 January 2010

Tourism Fiji has begun a campaign in Australia in a bid to attract at least 300,000 Australians to visit Fiji this year.

A similar tourist campaign is also planned for New Zealand.

The CEO of Fiji Tourism, Josefa Tuamoto, says last year saw a decline in every visitor market except Australia.

He blamed events such as the January floods and Cyclone Mick for the low figures but says they aim to do much better this year.

"New Zealand, Australia in particular, they are two signicant markets. We've started a television campaign in Australia on Sunday, and New Zealand will hopefully kick off this year. For us its basically trying to consolidate these two traditional markets and then moving on to new niche markets in Asia and Europe."

Josefa Tuamoto says targetted visitor markets for 2010 also include Japan, Hawaii and Guam.