19 Jan 2010

PNG police say three warders supported jail breakout

3:19 pm on 19 January 2010

Police in Papua New Guinea believe three correctional services officers deliberately helped to free 12 prisoners from a jail near Port Moresby and then lied to defend themselves.

The group of inmates, including the country's most notorious criminal, broke out of Bomana Maximum Security Unit last Tuesday and is still on the run.

The Metropolitan Police Commander for Port Moresby, Superintendent Fred Yakasa, says three warders have been charged for aiding and abetting the prisoners in their planned escape.

Mr Yakasa says the warders allowed a visitor, who claimed to be a human rights lawyer, into the prison before she pulled out a gun and eventually left with the inmates.

"The main thing that we know is that they have actually breached standard procedures to allow this person to visit when the authority was not given, or the permission was not given or approval was not given by the people who have authority for visits at the maximum security prison."

Superintendent Fred Yakasa.