15 Jan 2010

American Samoa to overhaul work permits for aliens

11:13 am on 15 January 2010

Sweeping changes to American Samoa's immigration system are being proposed in a bill introduced yesterday in the house.

The bill would reduce the number of aliens granted approval to reside in the territory for one year from 100 to 60.

This number will not include Western Samoans who have a special numerical limitation because of cultural and family ties with American Samoa.

However the quota for Western Samoans will also be reduced from 250 to 100 a year

The bill would also require employers who hire aliens to obtain a labour certificate from the Department of Commerce verifying that there are not enough workers in the local workforce to performed the skilled or unskilled labour or services they seek, and that the employment of the alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of comparably employed locals.