12 Jan 2010

Samoa considers five new hydro plants

4:15 pm on 12 January 2010

Samoa's Cabinet has given approval for feasibility studies to be conducted on five potential hydro electricity schemes.

Cabinet awarded the contract to Egis Bceom International to locate areas suitable for establishing hydroelectric power generators.

A project manager at the Electric Power Corporation in Samoa, Gologaga Gile, says the government is focussing on renewable energy because the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise.

He says the study will look at two potential sites on Savaii Island and three on Upolu.

"We need to find out if they are feasible. If they are feasible then we go ahead and look at building hydro plants in those sites. At the moment we are looking at five sites. If they are all feasible then there's a possibility of constructing five hydro power stations."

Gologaga Gile says the aim is to establish small scale or micro hydro plants that can generate two megawatts.