12 Jan 2010

Fiji courts to sit six days a week to clear backlog of cases

11:57 am on 12 January 2010

Fiji's Magistrates Courts will soon hear cases six days a week to help clear a backlog of cases.

The Acting Chief Registrar, Ana Rokomokoti, told Fijivillage that it will soon become compulsory for magistrates to sit six days a week.

Ms Rokomokoti says the family court is already sitting every Saturday, and they are setting out plans to start Saturday sittings for Magistrates Courts.

She confirmed that there are only 13 magistrates in Fiji, but that 22 are needed.

The interim regime made new appointments to the bench late last year when the judiciary was reconstituted following the abrogation of the1997 constitution.

Last week, three magistartes were sacked without the public being given an explanation.