6 Jan 2010

FICAC broadens operations, targets international jurist

1:21 pm on 6 January 2010

Fiji's Independent Commission Against Corruption, or FICAC, has broadened its operations by investigating people in the private sector.

This is in contrast to other anti-corruption commissions with a similar brief.

Dubravka Voloder reports

"Fiji's interim attorney general has said FICAC has been modelled after such commissions in New South Wales and Hong Kong. The Sydney-based organisation declined to comment about the Fiji outfit, but outlines in its mission statement that it's not to investigate corruption allegations in the private sector, unless public officials are involved. Its Hong Kong counterpart also deals with corruption allegations involving public servants and public bodies only. In Fiji, however, FICAC has widened its operations. It has charged a Fiji member of the International Commission of Jurists, Imrana Jalal, and her husband with operating a restaurant without a licence. Ms Jalal, who's been critical of the regime, denies the charge. A magistrate who criticised FICAC by saying the licence issue was a city council matter, has been sacked."