21 Dec 2009

Kiribati President says Copenhagen failure shows process flawed

4:42 pm on 21 December 2009

The President of Kiribati says the failure of the Copenhagen climate change conference to come up with a strong legally binding agreement raises questions about the negotiation process.

Anote Tong says the accord proposed by the United States and other major emitters seems to accommodate countries which were concerned about the emissions cuts that would be required.

The President says the lack of targets on cutting emissions suggests some countries came to the conference not wanting to reach an agreement.

"That's very disappointing, I think it raises a lot of questions, credibility, about the international system. Does it serve any purpose at all, what purpose is it for us to participate in an arrangement where we continue to be thinking in nationalistic terms regardless of the price that other countries have to pay?"

Anote Tong says Kiribati is working on plans to cope with climate change which includes relocation as a last resort.