21 Dec 2009

Test veterans say opposition to French nuclear compensation law will continue

2:59 pm on 21 December 2009

The French Polynesian test veterans organisation Moruroa e tatou says the problems caused by France's nuclear weapons tests will continue despite a law to compensate some of the test victims.

The French parliament is poised to adopt the law this week despite broad opposition in French Polynesia where the churches and political parties say the law is inadequate because it's too restrictive in what it covers.

Protest marches against the law have been held on several islands.

Moruroa e tatou's President, Roland Oldham, says French Polynesians will continue to voice their objections.

"We'll get a law that has been voted 20,000 kilometres from our place by people who don't even know our islands and not taking notice of our culture. That will not solve the problem. There will always be, in the days to come, people to stand up because this law is not good enough."

Roland Oldham of Moruroa e tatou