19 Dec 2009

Unclear whether Pacific countries will sign a deal in Copenhagen

11:14 am on 19 December 2009

It's unclear whether Pacific countries will sign up to any draft climate change agreement that makes concession to their demands.

Negotiators are working into the night at the United Nations conference in Copenhagen to try to reach some accord.

One of the draft texts that's been discussed makes some concessions to small island states, which say world temperature rises must be limited to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial times to ensure their survival.

The draft agreement says the limit should be 2 degrees, with a review in 2016 that would consider a 1.5 degree limit.

Our correspondent at the conference, Matelita Ragogo, says Pacific countries are refusing to budge at the moment, but its unclear if they will be swayed

"The whole discourse until late last night was, we are going to make our stand, we are not going to sign anything if it is not going to be more considerate of our position. But this morning, you know you could tell that pressure had been applied, no-one is saying what exactly. We are talking about donors who are now adopting this tactic."

Matelita Ragogo.