17 Dec 2009

OPM supporters protest after Kwalik killing

4:06 pm on 17 December 2009

Supporters of the slain senior OPM Free Papua Movement commander Kelly Kwalik have been occupying the provincial parliament building in Timika in Indonesia's Papua region.

Kelly Kwalik died in hospital after being shot yesterday in a raid by security forces in Timika, near the Highlands jungle region where he has been hiding from security forces in recent decades.

He had been one of the leading commanders of the OPM separatists since the 1970s.

The OPM's international spokesman, John Ondawame, says hundreds of Papuans from Kelly Kwalik's Amungme tribe are protesting in an effort to secure the resistance fighter's body from the Indonesians.

"Now people are occupying the (provincial) parliament house in Timika, and demanding that his body must be returned to Timika. They want to bury him by people with respect and honour to him."

John Ondawame