14 Dec 2009

Shock at attempt to kill Papua New Guinea Chief Ombudsman

8:15 pm on 14 December 2009

There is anger in Papua New Guinea after an assassination attempt on the country's chief ombudsman, Chronox Manek.

Our correspondent reports that Mr Manek was shot at outside his home, sustaining a wound to his shoulder.

He received hospital treatment but is now recuperating at home.

Police have promised to track down the attackers.

Our correspondent, Oseah Philemon, says the attack has shocked people in PNG.

"very very shocked and angry that an attempt like this could be made on the life of the Chief Ombudsman and many people put it down to all the many controversial investigations that the Ombudsman Commission has been conducting."

Oseah Philemon.

Many of the investigations are into the activities of politicians - among them senior members of the Government, including the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.