14 Dec 2009

Solomons Government called on to stop live dolphin trade

4:12 pm on 14 December 2009

The environmental organisation, Greenpeace, is criticising Solomon Islands' latest export of live dolphins.

The Solomons have exported nine dolphins reportedly to Malaysia, earning nearly 300,000 US dollars.

Shipments have been ongoing since a 2007 court ruling overturned a 2003 ban on live dolphin exports.

Greenpeace's oceans campaigner, Lagi Toribau, says the export of live mammals is unacceptable.

"Dolphins form a great part of the marine ecosystem and any extraction of dolphins without a proper environmental management plan or any concrete impact assessment on what it does to the ecosystem is not a good practice. This is truly been done from an economic perspective and we truly urge them to consider the wider ecosystem impact on this."

Lagi Toribau

Over the past few years more than 30 dolphins are thought to have been exported from Solomon Islands.