14 Dec 2009

Vanuatu official found with fake euros in Denmark

2:00 pm on 14 December 2009

A Vanuatu government official has been questioned by police in Denmark after he was found to be in possession of fake euro notes.

Johnson Naviti, who works in the prime minister's office, went to Copenhagen to prepare the visit of the prime minister, Edward Natapei, to the climate change summit.

The prime minister's office says Mr Naviti changed Vanuatu vatu into euros at Goodies money exchange in central Port Vila on December the 4th a few

hours before his departure for Denmark.

The owner of Goodies has confirmed that the company has refunded a total of half a million vatu to clients who complained about getting forged euros.

The company says they don't know how the fake euros ended up in their exchanges centers in Port Vila.

It is also not clear how many fake euros are in circulation in Vanuatu.