10 Dec 2009

NZ programme aims at helping with remittances

2:35 pm on 10 December 2009

The New Zealand Pacific Remittances project has produced a calendar with a different financial tip for Pacific consumers each month.

The Project Manager, Kim Hailwood, says it is the first step in a pilot programme to help people become more financially aware and to save money.

The project team has the support of the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, the Reserve Bank, the World Bank, NZAID and the Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

Ms Hailwood says people sending remittances learn how to save extra transaction fees.

"The whole purpose of the calender was to create awareness, and we originally thought about doing a sheet, a financial literacy tips sheet. But then people get a piece of paper, read it and then throw it out. But with a calendar its on the wall for twelve months, and each month there is a new financial literacy tip. And it's in English, Samoan and Tongan."

Kim Hailwood says copies of the 2010 calendars have been sent out to community groups nationwide as well as to Samoa and Tonga.