7 Dec 2009

Comics used in Solomons in campaign against corruption

2:09 pm on 7 December 2009

A series of comics and posters are being published in Solomon Islands this week to encourage ordinary people to take action against street level corruption.

The comics and pullout posters are written in Solomon Islands street pidgin, and are running in three major newspapers.

The comics tell stories of everyday situations to illustrate issues such as bribery, favouritism, misuse of funds, and the abuse of power.

They have been launched by RAMSI and the government, in partnership with Transparency Solomon Islands.

The special secretary to the Prime Minister, John Kenipasia, says corruption and maladministration are critical obstructions to the nation's progress, and the comics have the full support of the government's Anti-Corruption Taskforce.

The comics have been timed to coincide with International anti-corruption day on Wednesday.