4 Dec 2009

USP and NZ institute cooperate on biodiversity

3:05 pm on 4 December 2009

The University of the South Pacific and Landcare Research New Zealand are to collaborate to strengthen the Pacific's understanding of its biodiversity.

Landcare Research is New Zealand's leading terrestrial environmental research and consultancy organisation, and focuses on resource use and sustaining and restoring biodiversity.

Landcare's international business manager, Jane Lattimore, says with the USP, they will work on identifying and classifying specimens, which will be then be made available to others.

"And this is, sort of, the fundamental layers of understanding your biodiversity, so countries in the Pacific have far fewer resources than we have in New Zealand to be mapping and understanding their biodiversity, and as a result of that find it a little more difficult to work on issues to do with bio-security."

Jane Lattimore of Landcare Research New Zealand